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About us

Afri Orchids is a family owned nursery, based in Nelspruit, South Africa.  We started our collection about forty years ago and like most orchids enthusiasts, we want to grow anything from anywhere.  As a result, we have gathered a huge variety of species from across the globe. 

Christo Grobler started the collection in the early 1970's and Lourens became passionate about the hobby from a very young age.  His enthusiasm worked magic to get his wife, Jolisa also involved.  Together we have grown, photographed and judged many orchids. 

The collection remains a hobby, but we always seem to outgrow our capacity and therefor we can now share a number of our plants with other enthusiasts. 

We are a specialist orchid nursery that focuses mainly on species from around the world. 

We do not keep bulk stock and can unfortunately not help with large orders for weddings or functions.