Open night

We often get asked to name our favourite orchid, which of course is simply impossible.  We do have a (long) list of possible candidates though and Laelia anceps seems to always be on that list.  This beautiful species from Mexico is about to burst into flower and when they do, it is a sight to behold and simply too good not to share.  

Last year we started a new tradition by hosting a small event one evening in autumn for all and sundry to enjoy a greenhouse full of anceps flowers.  It was so well received that we decided to do so again this year on 27 April.  Join us for an amazing time stroling through the garden and greenhouses or snacking on some cheese platters and wine.  There will be some cake too of course.  We'll light up the garden and there will be plenty of time to sit and catch up with orchid friends.

Entrance is free and we have lots of parking.

We are situated on the N4, just outside of Nelspruit on the way to Gauteng.  Click on the 'Contact us' link above for a map.